About us

Nature Photo Tours & Photography

Nature PhotoTours & Photography

We are a specialized organization which deals with organizing and executing photo trips. We are guided by our motto: “everything for a good photo.” The trips we organize worldwide are specialized for wildlife, landscape, and local population photography. We have more than 10 years of experience and the results we bring back each time speak for themselves. Every trip is to a known location, which is wild but at the same time safe enough to travel with all our photo gear. We move through nature, take photos of game, birds etc. and follow the unwritten rule of “take back nothing but memories and photographs, leave behind nothing but footprints.”

Adventurous trips

The locations we’ve picked are adventurous themselves, and we are also willing to go to other locations too, if the travelers want to. However, we steer away from anything too dangerous, to keep both our travelers and their gear safe.

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