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Photo trips

These are trips where we take you to pre-picked locations, either famous for their photographic scenes or where we've experienced unforgettable memories before. Add that to our professional spirit and experience, and you will be able to use our knowledge of the locations, animals, and photography, to achieve photographs you've only dreamt of before. We organize the trips to every continent, and the location and time are carefully chosen and coordinated – everything for you to get the perfect photo.


Photography from lookout posts

Photography from lookout posts is starting to get used more and more for taking photos of wild animals. If the photographer is hidden in the lookout, they do not disturb the animal, which makes them act a lot more natural. Keeping that in mind, the lookout posts need to be suitable for photographers and they need to be put in the right locations, which matters to the wellbeing of both the animal and the photographer. We are building these lookouts on many locations and have been testing them. When they are ready we will let you know the details. The animals you might catch in frame will be bears, eagles, deer, wild boars, different birds ...


Trips for closed groups

The experience we've got through organizing and leading photo trips allow us to offer you a trip tailored specifically to your wishes. We can organize cars, hotels, drivers, rangers in the parks, provide you with a plan of the route, and even offer you a Slovene, or if needs be local, tour guide. These trips can be more of an adventure and there's no limit to how many people you can apply – everything is up to discussion, limited only by your own wishes and abilities.

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