Join us in photographing plunging birds
and the picturesque English countryside

Photographing birds and English and Scottish countryside.

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Date: TBA
We will photograph: Plunging birds and the picturesque countryside
The trip is led by: Gorazd Golob
Price: TBA
Max. number of attendees: 7
Demanded knowledge of photography: Suitable for beginners and experienced photographers
Is the trip physically demanding:


Puffins are seabirds that live on the coasts of North Atlantic Ocean. Their beak is smaller than usual in the winter, because the bright orange panels grow out before the nesting season and they discard them in the fall.

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Plan of the trip

We will leave in June of 2018. Our plane will land in Edinburgh, where we will pick up a car and drive to the hotel. We offer a possibility of evening photography, focusing on the coast, castle, and the surrounding area. Later in the evening, we will show you some photographs from Farne Island and Bassrock and give you advice on how to make your photos better the next day.

In the next three days we will take a ship to the Farne Islands. We will visit two islands per day, where we will take photos of different kinds of birds that nest there (puffins, many kinds of terns and gulls, oystercatchers, cormorans...). Visitors are only able to visit 3 islands, because the other 15 are reserved for birds exclusively. We can only walk on the marked paths, but the birds can actually nest only 10 cm away from the path. We are also not allowed to stay near nests with eggs or babies for a long time. The visits to islands are limited, so some of them only get them in the mornings and the other ones in the afternoon, to minimize the amount of stress for the animals.

We can spend the mornings and evenings photographing the picturesque English coast, scattered with castles. Because of the geographical location we might need to try a bit harder for photos of sunrise (around 5 am) or sunsets (around 11 pm).

One of the days we will visit the island Bassrock, where 150,000 northern gannets nest. In the early morning we will drive towards the island, board the ship and sail to Bassrock. The entire trip takes about 4 and a half hours, and we spend about 3 of them photographing. Accompanying us is a local biologist, who works in the Scottish center for seabirds. The trip is entirely dependent on good weather – if we are unable to go, you will get the price of the trip, 220 EUR, back.  On the way back to the mainland you will be able to take photos of northern gannets plunging in the water with high speeds to catch fish which might be a couple of meters under the sea level. For this trip you will need waterproof attire, suitable shoes, and you will also need to protect your gear from the water.

The penultimate day we will return to the Farne Islands, where you will be able to pick between photographing the northern gannets and taking a trip by the English coast. This day is a buffer, because of the unpredictable weather. It might happen that we will be unable to visit the islands on some of the previous days, because the ships get cancelled in bad weather. We are almost never able to visit the islands every single day because of the weather.

We will spend the evening in the hotel, where we will be available to look through your photos and give you advice. You will be offered individual help with photography throughout the day as well.

The morning of the last day is meant for packing and departing to the airport in Edinburgh, but if we are left with enough time, we might take a short trip to the city.